Calm is a meditation, sleep, and relaxation app featuring a wide variety of offerings that encourage everything from mindfulness to movement. Calm features meditations, Sleep Stories, music, soundscapes, and more, all meant to lead listeners to a new level of, well, calm.

While tech products may sometimes be considered stimulating, it turns out that with the right app installed, it can also enhance your sense of peace.


We’ve teamed up with Calm to offer EE customers a moment of peace – at a price that won’t raise your blood pressure.

Only £2.50 a month

1 month free and then £2.50 per month

Meet the Calm Mentors

Dr Julie

Dr Julie

Life | Anxiety|Calm

Dr. Julie Smith is a clinical psychologist and bestselling author who leverages a decade of diverse experience to educate and empower individuals in bettering their mental health.

Chips Okereke

Chibs Okereke

Life | Focus|Calm

Chibs Okereke is a stress and burnout specialist and reformed striver. He provides practical tools to help organisations, teams and individuals reduce stress and prevent burnout.

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