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Skills for School and Life

Growing up with a phone isn't easy. But what if kids could find mentors to help them navigate school and life – all in the palm of their hand?


Designed specially for 11-17 year olds


Short snackable content to keep them engaged


Relatable, everyday experts

Shakira Akabusi and Matt Green
Milly Pickles
Declan Rice, Bukayo Saka and Harry Kane
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England Team Members

The FA

Life | Resilience|The FA

England footballers Marcus Rashford, Kieran Trippier and Kyle Walker share their advice for developing resilience.

Dr Julie

Dr Julie

Life | Anxiety|Calm

Dr. Julie Smith is a clinical psychologist and bestselling author who leverages a decade of diverse experience to educate and empower individuals in bettering their mental health.

Bafta Stars


Life | The Stage is Yours|BAFTA

Lights, camera, action! Get ready to pick up some top acting skills from industry icons like Stephen Graham and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

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